About Me

Hello everyone,
My name is Gino and i am a Web Designer/Developer and Graphic Designer. I am currently living in Athens, Greece.

My passion for Web Designing started in High School. A School Project was give to us, to create a basic HTML Site, which went certently well, but i knew that all that was just Basic stuff. I started to take a deeper look into the whole Web Designing thing, that project of mine made me possessed to learn the way of coding and designing. After graduating from my Technical High School as a Computer Engineer, the first thought in my mind was to continue my studies as a Web Designer/Developer and that is what I did. I got into a Technical Collage as a Web Designer/Developer, which was a lot harder than i first though but with hard work i got through it and finally graduated. As a Web Designer/Developer, i thought that to be a Top Web Designer I will need Top Designing Skills and that thought led me into continuing my studies as a Graphic Designer, which is still ongoing.


  • Technical High School – Computer Engineer (2009-2012)
  • Technical Collage – Web Designer/Developer (2012-2014)
  • Technical Collage – Graphic Designer (ongoing)

Graphic Design
JavaScript & jQuery

Softwares that i use:

I am a Freelancer and i have no account managers, so your revisions are made almost immediately upon request. I can even work overnight! You will always receive your Project finished before the given deadline.
My verbal and written communication is excellent. I respond fast, which avoids delays that occur in most of the large companies. Your businesses are guaranteed to be taken to the next level. I will increase your brand exposure and sales continuously every month.

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